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04 di umbai - Google Blog Search

04 di umbai - Google Blog Search

Jebat Asmara: Seafood <b>di Umbai</b>

Posted: 07 Jun 2011 06:50 AM PDT

Sebab apa gua tak boleh nak fokus bila shoot foto makanan? Kenapa?

04 di ramuan china - Google Blog Search

04 di ramuan china - Google Blog Search

lokan melaka: Datuk Cef Wan <b>di</b> SK <b>Ramuan China</b> Besar

Posted: 16 Jun 2011 05:42 AM PDT

Pada 16 Jun 2011 SK Ramuan China Besar telah mengadakan Majlis Sukan Tahunan Sekolah yang ke 27. Pada kali ini Datuk Cef Wan telah dijemput menjadi perasmi dan penutup majlis ini.
Murid-murid, guru-guru, ibubapa dan penduduk setempat gembira dengan kehadiran Datuk Cef Wan. Pak Zainal juga berbesar hati kerana Datuk Cef Wan sudi merasa masakan kampung yang dimasak oleh Puan Zaiton Suboh; terutamanya sambal udang dan rendang lokan. Cef Wan memuji hidangan yang disajikan. Memang sedap kerana bahan-bahannya baru ditangkap. Bangga kerana ianya dinyatakan oleh Chef nombor 1 di Malaysia dan terkenal di serata dunia.

Pak Zainal juga berbangga kerana Datuk menyatakan beliau akan cuba ketengahkan masakan menggunakan lokan. Alhamdulillah, Pak Zainal senang mendapat ruang dan rezeki dalam mengetengahkan lokan sebagai pemakanan  umum. InsyaAllah.

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04 di batu berendam - Google Blog Search

Tulisan Blog Lawyer Garang: Bas London Melaka Jadi Gajah Putih....!

Posted: 26 Aug 2011 01:26 AM PDT

Bas dua tingkat berwarna merah atau lebih popular sebagai 'Bas London' yang menjadi kebanggaan penduduk negeri ini kerana berjaya menarik ramai pelancong, kini tersadai sejak hampir setahun lalu dipercayai akibat sukar mendapat alat ganti selepas mengalami kerosakan.

Kenderaan terbabit yang menyediakan perkhidmatan di sekitar kawasan pelancongan pusat Bandaraya Melaka Bersejarah sejak 14 Ogos 2007, terpaksa ditempatkan di Kompleks Logistik Majlis Bandaraya Melaka Bersejarah (MBMB) di Batu Berendam, dekat sini.

Perkhidmatan pengangkutan pelancongan itu sebelum ini dikendalikan PM Cultural and Tourism (PMCT) Sdn Bhd, anak syarikat milik kerajaan negeri yang turut menyediakan perkhidmatan bas awam di sekitar Bandaraya Melaka Bersejarah.

'Bas London' tersadai SEBUAH bas dua tingkat kelihatan berada di bawah garaj dan masih belum dibaik pulih di Kompleks Logistik MBMB, Batu Berendam.

Sumber memberitahu Berita Harian, kedua-dua enjin bas berusia 30 tahun yang dibeli dari London Bus Export Ltd di United Kingdom, mengalami kerosakan teruk dan tidak dapat diperbaiki segera kerana alat gantinya perlu diperoleh dari tempat asalnya.

Katanya, akibat kerosakan teruk itu, MBMB terpaksa mengambil alih pengurusan kedua-dua bas itu daripada PMCT, sebelum diletakkan di Kompleks Logistik MBMB di Batu Berendam bagi proses pembaikan.

"Perkhidmatan dua bas itu diberhentikan serta-merta sejak September lalu, selepas kerja membaikinya tidak dapat diteruskan kerana menanti alat ganti dari London," katanya kepada Berita Harian di sini, semalam.

Perkhidmatan Bas London diperkenalkan kerajaan negeri sebagai usaha menarik lebih ramai pelancong ke Melaka.

Produk pelancongan ini popular di kalangan pelancong domestik untuk bersiar-siar di tapak bersejarah di sekitar pusat bandar raya.

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04 di merlimau - Google Blog Search


Posted: 26 May 2011 09:02 AM PDT


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04 di tanjung kling - Google Blog Search

Asia, truly Asia... - Melaka, Malaysia Travel Blog

Posted: 04 Jul 2011 12:00 AM PDT

Flag of Malaysia  , Melaka State,
Monday, July 4, 2011

After four days in Singapore it was time to move on again. We went to a bus terminal just outside our couchsurfing host's house and got coach tickets to Melaka, three and a half hours away. Sasha have heard so much about that historical city and was very excited to go. Dasha went along for the ride! The border crossing was effortless. We just had to get off the bus twice. Once before we crossed the border by foot and second time to give immigration our departure cards.  Malaysia seemed to have tight security as we had to get our fingerprints scanned before we entered and left the country.

The scenery had changed dramatically when we crossed the causeway to the Asian mainland. Heavily urbanized Singaporean landscape gave way to untamed jungle. The road quality remained perfect though. Roadside signs were in Malay only unlike the English signs in Singapore. Malay used Roman script so it was not too difficult to follow the map

. We were excited the moment we got off the bus at a service station, however, we felt safe the moment we set foot on the soil of this oriental country. Most women were wearing headscarves (and most Malays spoke at least some basic English). We got some local money from an ATM and bought some exotic sweets.

Finally we arrived at the Melaka bus terminal and found a local bus going to the city centre. Riding a bus with no fixed stops along the route was a new experience for Sasha. The town was a bit disorienting, however, we teamed up with a young man from England and found the backpacker district. Over the past nine months we rarely knew where we going to stay next night. Booking a budget type of accommodation is often not possible in Asia since guesthouses can't be booked online and making an international call won't make much sense. Walking in is the way to go - tourist guesthouses are usually clustered and inspecting the premises is important. In general, we were happy with an Asian style hotel as long as the water was running (hot water is often a luxury, don't expect it), toilet is available nearby (again, don't expect toilet paper, Asian people rarely use it) and we don't have to share a room with an army of cockroaches and bugs. Dasha wanted to mention as for no toilet paper, it's always great to bring your own or succumb to the toilet pistol which is a spray attached to toilet

.  Usually, Asians use water pumped through the spray to clean down there.  It seemed more hygienic to use the spray as the water pressure is strong and basically does a spiffy clean up job.

So, the guest house hunt began.  The first guesthouse was a major flophouse, our English friend stayed there since it was less then 5$ a night. Crossing the street brought us to a better kept place which was fairly expensive - 13$ a night. Malaysia is generally more expensive than other countries in the region. We would be reluctant to call it a third world country - there are no shanty towns, everyone has access to government services such as health and education and an average monthly income is about $500 dollars a month. Almost every family had a car (or a motorbike if they were really poor). Public transit is not good outside Kuala Lumpur that has an extensive system of commuter trains, high speed trams and monorails but let's face it - how good is transit in Canada outside major cities? Sasha was impressed with the driving culture as cars even stopped for pedestrians!

So, Melaka... During the four days that we stayed there Sasha and Dasha went to visit museums, lots of museums. He was excited to learn about the country. Dasha was, too. To keep cool, we enjoyed walking in two air-conditioned mega malls, just a few streets away from our hotel

. There wasn't much else to do, as our guidebook Lonely Planet explained.  The sites advertised seamed to be deserted. There was hardly a store open in a (supposed to be bustling) Chinatown, Little India was little more than a sari taylor shop and the waterfront was inaccessible as it was separated by a major highway. Perhaps it was a major holiday when we were there. 

Four days later and we were on our way again. Our objective was to get to the island of Penang, but the trip there from Melaka was way too long. We decided to stop over in KL for a day or two and take a break. We had all the time in the world since our flight to Bangkok was in two and a half weeks.

Kuala Lumpur, here we come!


04 di alor gajah - Google Blog Search

04 di alor gajah - Google Blog Search

Jun 2011 - Rumah Kediaman <b>di Alor Gajah</b>, Melaka - TERAMUDA

Posted: 16 Jul 2011 09:14 AM PDT

Membina dan Menyiapkan Rumah Kediaman Berkeluasan 1,200 sq.feet di Kg. Kelemak, Alor Gajah, Melaka.
En. Hairul Ariffin bin Sa'emon
1. En. Atan bin Abdullah (Struktur)
2. En. Salim bin Damashuri (Kemasan)
3. En. Halim bin Mohamed (Elektrikal & Mekanikal)
4. En. Fu - Sykt. Fu Aluminium Alor Gajah (Window Casement & Glass)
5. En. Rahman bin Abdullah (Mesin & Jentera)
6. En. Abu Ngah bin Said (Grille)

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di negeri melaka - Google Blog Search

Why is NS Umno Youth so quiet? | Free Malaysia Today

Posted: 25 Aug 2011 10:43 PM PDT

Its leader is unhappy because he hasn't got a business contract, says an insider

SEREMBAN: All is not well with Negeri Sembilan Umno and this is reflected in its youth wing's inertia in the face of speculation of an impending general election.

Negeri Sembilan Umno Youth is "almost paralysed", according to an Umno insider who spoke to FMT on condition of anonymity.

He said youth chief Helmi Din was sulking because Menteri Besar Mohamad Hassan had refused to award him any business contract.

He said Helmi had "decided to take the quiet approach" and was not showing any interest in organising activities normally expected of Umno Youth when elections are near.

Negeri Sembilan PKR Youth chief Mohd Nazree Mohd Yunus told FMT he had known of the situation for some time but was not interested in Umno's internal affairs.

"All I can say is that these people are not interested in fighting for the people," he said.

"Their ends are always materialistic. I advise the people of Negeri Sembilan to vote wisely in next election.

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04 di serkam - Google Blog Search

Beli kuih raya <b>di Serkam</b> , Hamidah Food Industry | Blog Zool <b>...</b>

Posted: 26 Aug 2011 08:22 PM PDT

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera semua..

Tak berapa hari je lagi, Syawal akan menjelang tiba menandakan hari raya. Banyak keperluan yang dicari pada penghujung Ramadhan ini. Antara yang perlu disediakan adalah kuih raya. Bagi pencari kuih raya di Melaka (terutama di daerah Jasin), mungkin ada yang pernah mendengar tentang kedai di Serkam yang menjual pelbagai kuih (tidak semestinya di hari Raya). Kedai ini terletak di tepi jalan dinamakan Mamaku Food Industries. Ia telah bertapak lama dan pernah mengalami kebakaran namun kini ia semakin maju. Jika dulunya hanya kedai kecil ditepi jalan namun kini lotnya semakin besar. Kepada sesiapa yang rajin singgah ke ikan bakar Umbai atau Serkam, mesti singgah ke kedai tersebut untuk mendapatkan kudapan walaupun bukan di hari raya.

Memandangkan membuat kuih agak leceh dan mak saya pun sudah berusia maka kaedah kuih tunjuk-tunjuk perlu digunakan. Dan lokasi yang menjadi kemestian adalah di kedai Mamaku Food Industries ( Hamidah Food Industry). Memang banyak pilihan di kedai tersebut dengan harga yang berpatutan. Banyak juga yang dibeli seperti rempeyek, kuih telinga dan pelbagai jenis kerepek. Kat situ ada juga kuih tart, cookies dan sebagainya. Tapi mak tak berapa minat. Jadi ambil apa yang boleh .. Kalau nak tau kuih apa bolehlah datang ke rumah ye…

Ini gambar yang sempat disnap..

Ni papan tanda kedai tersebut.
Pemandangan dari luar. Banyak khemah disediakan khas untuk kuih raya ni..
Siap ada banner kat jalanraya tu..

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