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04 di tanjung tuan - Google Blog Search

04 di tanjung tuan - Google Blog Search

Cape Rachado Lighthouse and Pulau Intan @<b>Tanjung Tuan</b>, PD

Posted: 25 Jun 2011 11:31 PM PDT

One of my favourite places to go in PD.

An entrance fee of RM1 per adult is charged at the entrance to the Tanjung Tuan Forest Reserve We had actually planned on taking the boys to the Army Museum but turned back when we saw the bumper to bumper traffic. Traffic during the school holidays, especially on weekends can be atrocious in PD.

After walking 30 minutes uphill from the carpark, we climbed up a flight of steps to the lighthouse.
The view from the lighthouse gives an unobstructed view of the sea. I still can't spot the whirlpools, supposedly visible from the top.

Trekking down to Pulau Intan

It took us about 30mins of hiking down a steep hill to reach this beautiful, untouched beach. By far, the best beach in PD. Definitely crowd free.

Fai and Machika

Beautiful rocks

The beach at low tide.

Nice pondok for a rest. Machika wanted to camp overnight.

We couldn't get enough of the beach. It was very beautiful.

Worth every drop of sweat.

Spotted a striking red crab.

The camera wasn't with me when I saw an electric blue crab and a sea cucumber. The sea was so full of life.

Trekking back up to the lighthouse.

Hordes of termites going about their business.

If you are planning a trip here, remember to bring mosquito repellent, lots of drinking water, snacks and wear a decent pair of walking shoes or sandals. A walking stick would be useful on steep slopes.

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