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04 di tanjung tuan - Google Blog Search

04 di tanjung tuan - Google Blog Search

live life fun like moi!: Light Jigging @ <b>Tanjung Tuan</b>, Port <b>...</b>

Posted: 04 Aug 2011 01:57 AM PDT

I am back!! To continue my silly story....

Once we are ready, we set out to the sea..sorry no pictures of the sea, which is windy with lots of waves...   T.T   Now I have been on a boat / speedboat and whatsoever before either for work or for leisure, but things that I've never experienced before...staying in the middle of the sea: bobbing to the tunes of the waves... I know, double sick to the stomach...I am trying to be brave and encourage myself by pretending that I will not get sea-sick...

Wahahahaaa.....BUT....!! I am so wrong...  T.T''  Right like 5mins after we stopped at the first pit stop out on the open sea...I feel dizzy...and nauseous..I just had enough time to grab (*blush*) and gulp down some sea sickness / motion sickness medicines..BOY I am so glad we had it along...and abang shah the tekong pity me....I can even feel my face turning green...hahahahaa......so we switched place.

We went near to the lighthouse and began our jiggingz....Well, remember the picture in part 1: the pretty scenery...that's the spot we jig and jig...

We were lucky the weather was surprisingly good considering the heavy rainfall of late. Windy even with the scorching sun makes it bearable even to someone like me, who's forever sweating!

Anyhow, we jig and jig and suddenly abang shah jig's was pulled....and:

*voila! Little baby grouper...which has been released back safe and sound..hehhe*

and the energy got buzzing, with the mood which is cheery and light...I still think and belief when you are happie the fishes will comes along too...hahahha...dumb la me! o.O

Around noon with no more signs of fishes as the sun is shining brightly, we decided to go back for lunch and a short break...don't ask me why no pictures of my lunch and toilet (of cuz there's a toilet!) or our lunch place, as I am simply too tired. Just want to sit there and drink icy cool drink...hahahahah...sorrriieee..

About 2 something we went to continue our jiggingz..and......here comes the goodies....

*he got a fun fight with the GT! Strong phfishh even with the small size, which is slightly more than 1KG*
*I couldn't resist to camwhore too...part of the reason being sked of not being able to land any fish at all for the trip   T.T''  *
I've heard numerous times before, first timer for jigging trip might come back with empty hand...hahaha...but I am still looking on the bright side yeah!
We circled the same spot to continue our jigginz...and see see see:
*abang shah with another bigger grouper*
And my mood wasn't dampened, I am a newbie to jigging larr..what do you expect..and it doesn't disappoint me, NOT at all..by that time, I was planning on the return trip to get a fish with jig...(Making up my mind and convincing myself that I am not gonna get any fish this trip, but without feeling of disappointment, really one!).
The slight tug, and the pulling, just not so strong..and being a NOOB that I am, I wasn't sure and should also say I didn't dare to belief that I got a fish on the other end of my line!!!! 
*I know, I know..it's not huge..but the feeling you can never understand if you are not a fisher..hahaa*
I hooked up an okay sized grouper...! My license for jigging, yeah man! I cannot wipe out the grin on my silly face...happiness.....
We jig more and by the time we made our way back, the sun was setting...seems like there's an additional jiggerz now to the fishing society..hahahaha...I want to come back for more...I want the GT!! 
No amount of motion sickness, no amount of sun burning, skin peeling (aftermath), fear of standing up freestyle on a rocking boat (without safety jacket, even though I can swim, still scary la) and other issues will keep me from coming back again..!
Oh yeah..I will be there again! This weekend~!!  *stupid grin on face, AGAIN...taahahahhaha*

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