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04 di durian tunggal - Google Blog Search

04 di durian tunggal - Google Blog Search

<b>Durian Tunggal</b>: Started Revamp Operation Two Days Ago

Posted: 04 Jun 2014 01:00 PM PDT

(Look up and you see about 1000 birds responded to my sound testing)

Another BH that is nicely located and with a lot of birds flying around it however with only about 10 nests after 2 years plus into operation.

This BH owner met me about 6 months back and was not sure if I have the right experience to revamp his BH.

I skip dinner with my family just to meet him at a posh restaurant  "The Rooftop" somewhere at Utama, PJ.

After the 1st meeting he went into silence mode.

One day he called, about three weeks ago, and wanted to visit my revamp works at Rantau.

I told him to stop by and see what he wanted to see.

Soon after he wanted me to take a short drive to his BH that was not doing well.

I thought it was just a few kilometers away but he took almost 45 minutes to reach the location.

After some inspection work I submitted a short report and he told me that he did have someone else who can do the same.

I told him to go ahead with the other guy since it was far away from Kuala Lumpur.

The phone keep ringing and I know he wanted me to carry out the revamp operation.

One biggest advantage he has is the number of birds that responded during one of my sound test operation.

More than 1000 birds responded but how come the number of nests inside his BH was only about 10?

The real truth can be found inside the BH.

1)  The consultant tried to cut cost and the BH was erected with a single wall.  He charged the owner for double walls but erected a single wall.

2) The internal temperature recorded a high of 34.3*C and low of 23.2*C.  The walls, middle floor only, will be sealed with those bubble sheet mat and covered with cement boards.

3) The hexagonal tweeter was not properly located and was dead when my workers were trying to relocated it. Already replaced with a new hexagonal tweeter and located just above the main entrance hole.

4) The BH came with two set of LAL.  One was at the staircase and the second were on the opposite sides.  A shear waste of nesting space.

5) I believed the owner tried his best to revamp the BH however with very little knowledge he did very little to catch the birds attention.  He copied those cluster tweeters but was not well done.  The tweeters were tilted up facing the ceiling and poorly done.

6) The external sound tweeters positioning were not at the right positions.

7) The number of internal tweeters was on the low side.

8) The gap between the ceiling and nesting planks were too wide at some areas.  I will be plugging them by raising them up.

9) The water pond was leaking and the runaway water were seeping to the lower floors. I shut the pipe in total and drain all the remaining water inside the pond.  I suggested to the owner to perhaps used the dried up pond area to breed insect instead.

He should have met me 2 years ago and I am sure he will not be so much messed up with the BH. .

His father was not happy but something that went wrong need some correction.

As at today I have corrected the entrance window and monkey house areas.

I told the owner that within next week his BH will be back to its real operation mode.

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