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04 di durian tunggal - Google Blog Search

04 di durian tunggal - Google Blog Search

BLOG MELAKA: 04 <b>di durian tunggal</b> - Google Blog Search

Posted: 20 Jun 2011 09:28 PM PDT

Sim Koa Yen is not just a durian orchard farm located somewhere near Durian Tunggal. It is a durian orchard that uses minimal pesticides, only organic fertilizers and was awarded SALM (Farm Accreditation Scheme of Malaysia). Those are not the important facts, the important thing is that they serve durian buffet for only RM35 per adult, RM18 per child below age 12 and F.O.C for child below age 5.

Unlike D' Paradise that served low quality durians or none at all (Read Jesslyn's first hand experience of D' Paradise by clicking here.), Sim Koa Yen up a notch by serving high grade durians such as "Red Prawn", D24, "Jiabili", "Cibei", "Raja Kunyit" and etc.

They had such good reputations that Singaporeans would organize tours to pay the farm a visit. He even had customers from Taiwan too!

Finding the "entrance" was easy, but from the main road to the orchard, the 2.5km route took us almost 30 minutes, passing by rubber plantations, dragon fruit plantations, vast fields, lakes and chicken farm.

Finally, we saw some really big durians, waiting for the "ripe" time to drop. At the "station", piles of durians were gathered at one corner, which were to be served later at a private function. Come to think of it, it could probably be my first visit to a durian orchard. Heh!

Instead of using chopping knife to open the durians, the owner has created a specially crafted "device" to pry those durians by just pressing down the handle. Seriously, opening a durian is as easy as ABC and probably takes less than 30 seconds to fully open it.

Since it was a buffet, we were served with a huge varieties of durians. From the dry to wet type, sweet to bitterish type, branded species to kampung species, you name it, they serve it. Considering that I didn't manage to eat a single pulp of durian last year, I whacked as many as I could. My favourite got to be "Raja Kunyit", sweet and creamy. My mum would probably prefer "Horlor", wet and slightly bitter kind though.

Seriously, I never eat so much durians at one go in my life. I was there from 12.30pm until 3pm, all I ever did throughout my time there was, eat, eat, and eat. In fact, by the time I left the orchard, I already felt the heat inside me and my throat was acting funny.

Some artistic shot. :D

If you are a durian lover, like me, you should give it a try. One needs to make appointment before paying visit as they need to collect the durians before that.

Sim Koa Yen
MC-2-34 & MC-2-35,
Jalan SB Utama, Taman Seri Bayan,
76100 Durian Tunggal,
Alor Gajah, Melaka.

RM35 per adult.
RM18 per child (below age 12).
F.O.C per child (below age 5).

012-6816895 / 012-6786895 / 06-5532500 / 06-5532600 (Reservation is a MUST!)

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BLOG MELAKA: 04 <b>di durian tunggal</b> - Google Blog Search

Posted: 23 Jun 2011 09:06 PM PDT

Assalam bloggers / readers,

Just a quick update untuk hari ni.

Hari ni adalah hari memenuhi undangan majlis perkahwinan kengkawan.

Lokasi yang di tuju adalah durian tunggal.

Cik Izah ade 2 jemputan dan nasib baik dua-dua nye kat durian tunggal. So takyah lah berpusing jauh-jauh. (padahal sesat jugak mulanye...huhuhu).

Oh ya sempat la amik gambau dengan pengantin tapi tak banyak. Rumah yang kedua tak sempat amik gambau dengan camera sendiri sebab mase tu pengantin sibuk bergambau gek.

 Bersama puan katy yang gojes. (ni umah pertama yang gi..)

Bersama cik Nurul a.k.a adik cik Izah. (on the way nak gi umah yang kedua)

Cam dibagitau tadi, tak sempat posing sakan dengan pengantin kat umah kedua sebab mereka sangat bizi bergambau. tapi tengok la kalau pengatin ade upload gambau kat fb ke nanti cik Izah cilok...hehehehe

Sekian update hari ni.

p/s: naseb baik tak salah umah tadi. mane taknye ade 2 lagi kenduri kawen kat tempat yang same. adehhh

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