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tumpang sekole...?: Lembu2 UMNO mengamuk <b>di Bukit Katil</b>...

Posted: 07 Mar 2013 05:30 PM PST

Samseng Umno mengganas lagi.. kini di Bukit Katil Melaka. Ceramah Pakatan Rakyat yang diadakan berhadapan Dewan Tun Ali, Bukit Katil telah di kacau oleh samseng Umno malam tadi (7 Mac 2013).

Umno Bahagian Bukit Katil telah menjemput penceramah maki hamun mereka, Umi Hafilda dan Lokman Adam.

Samseng Umno yang sentiasa membuat kacau dan provokasi telah membaling objek sejurus tibanya bas Jelajah Merdeka Rakyatyang di naiki oleh Anwar Ibrahim.

Cermin bas telah pecah dan seorang pengiring Anwar Ibrahim telah cedera terkena serpihan kaca. Anwar Ibrahim sendiri memberitahu beliau terkena jugak serpihan kaca tetapi tidak mengalami sebarang kecederaan. 

Batu yang dibaling tujuannya untuk mencederakan Anwar,tapi terkena kepala seorang penyokong yang hadir.

Kehadiran polis dan FRU yang ramai tidak dapat mengekang keganasan samseng Umno.
Beberapa penyokong Pakatan Rakyat cedera akibat balingan objek dari samseng Umno. Akibat provokasi yang melaampau dari samseng Umno, polis telah memberhentikan ceramah Pakatan Rakyat. 

Perak, Johor and Kelantan.

Riot police were brought in to restore peace, but they had a tough time controlling the intruders.

PKR secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution is to call a press conference on the incident at the party headquarters in Petaling Jaya this morning.

On Sunday, another ceramah was disrupted by BN supporters in Teluk Intan, Perak.
MP M Manogaran had to be escorted out of the DAP ceramah venue  by police after a group of intruders carrying BN flags, numbering around 40, gatecrashed the function and hurled abuses at Pakatan leaders.-malaysiakini

Malacca folks may be shifting at last...

Malacca is said to be impervious to the reformasi wave of Pakatan Rakyat, unlike its northern neighbour Negri Sembilan, which is rumoured to be teetering on the brink while southern cousin Johor, long a BN bastion, is reportedly rife with Pakatan's insurgency.

So when the Pied Piper of change came a-wooing to three parliamentary constituencies in this sleepy hollow last night, the impressively large crowds that showed up may well mean that Umno-BN's serene invulnerability in Malacca is in for a buffeting at the coming 13th general election.

NONEAn initially small crowd of about 500 at Machap Umno in Alor Gajah swelled pretty quickly to a rousing 3,000-strong by the time Pakatan campaigner-in-chief Anwar Ibrahim was 15 minutes into his oratory at 9pm.

Normally, Anwar does not do a full hour at his first stop, if there are two more on the cards for the night.

But at Machap, a state ward that's likely to be contested by PKR's Ginnie Lim, one of the young 'uns in the party being nurtured for the big time, the Pakatan drum major went the full 60 minutes, with a rare mineral water break the crowd felt he fully deserved.

It was mixed-race crowd that reacted with applause to every punch line of Anwar's, so when the now-customary video screen beside the speaker's platform showed Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak with relatives of the Sulu sultan at the Umno general assembly last November, the crowd chuckled as Anwar made the point that in these days of video technology, it's not easy to get away with a false accusation.

Anwar's portrayal of himself as the hapless victim of relentless Umno-BN demonology - in its most recent instance as having colluded with the intruders at Lahad Datu - drew the crowd's sympathy upon their viewing Najib on the screen surrounded by Sulu dignitaries.

Scuffle in Bukit Katil

Digital media, like video technology, has been a boon to Pakatan but one needs the subtlety to go with the technological props.

NONEHere Umno-BN appeared bereft because at Anwar's next stop at Bukit Katil, in the parliamentary ward of the same name, the ruling coalition staged a rally across the road from the site of the PKR one.

While Anwar held forth before a crowd of about 8,000 on issues of corruption and abuse of power, the speaker across the road spewed vile invective on his sexual orientation, his supposed amassing of wealth when he was finance minister, and rumoured relationship with the wife of one of his senior lieutenants.

The shrewish voice appeared to belong to a member of the retinue which has made itself infamous for the accusations they routinely hurl at the Pakatan leader, except that in this instance the people who were headed for Anwar's ceramah simply smiled at one another from wry amusement than disdain, at the spectacle across the road.

NONEIt was small crowd at the BN rally, tiny in comparison with the one gathered to hear Anwar, but the police lined their patrol cars on the road separating the two events to prevent BN-flag waving attendees from getting overly ardent for their own good.

But it did stop a scuffle from breaking out when part of the BN crowd sought to gatecrash the Pakatan ceramah, resulting in an opposition supporter allegedly being hit by a stone, resulting in an ugly head wound.

Anwar taps retired military brass

The plethora of accusations against Anwar hurled by his adversaries over the years has made ordinary people pay attention to what is being said and by whom with the possible result that they have become more discerning about what is kitsch and what is cool.

NONEAs soon as Anwar had finished at Bukit Katil, his motorcade swept off to Sungai Udang, near the military camp at Terendak, where the recent inductees to the Pakatan cause from retired former top military brass had warmed up the crowd with their evaluation of the state of our national defence and the intrusion at Lahad Datu.

Anwar was running late for this final stop, the consequence of excessive oratorical enthusiasm for the outsize crowds at Machap and Bukit Katil.

It was midnight when he finished at Sungai Udang, his wind-up speech retailing the main points he dwelt on at the earlier stops, with emphasis on the ineptitude, he argued, that has characterised the government's handling of the Lahad Datu intrusion.

His Malaccan audience at his three stops had much to mull over for the night.-Terence Netto,Malaysiakini

Program Anwar Sempena Sambutan 5 Pemerintahan PR di Penang

8 Mac 2013 (Jumaat ) – PULAU  PINANG

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Lokasi: Madrasah An Nahdhoh Kubang Semang

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3)Ceramah Perdana - Padang Kota Lama, Pulau Pinang

Barisan Penceramah:

a.YB Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim
b.YAB Lim Guan Eng
c.YB Dato' Mansor Osman
d.YB Prof. Dr. P. Ramasamy
e.YB Chow Kon Yeow
f.YB Dato' Mohd Salleh Man

RAKYAT MARHAEN: 2 Polis Cedera <b>Di Bukit Katil</b> : UTUSAN UMNO <b>...</b>

Posted: 07 Mar 2013 06:12 PM PST

Polis Cedera...!!! Hadir 500 Orang Penyokong PR...Lihat Di Bawah Ni !!!!
 Yang Ini Berita Sebenarnya

Parti Alternatif Malaysia: keganasan <b>di</b> ceramah <b>Bukit Katil</b>

Posted: 08 Mar 2013 01:58 AM PST

Seorang lelaki berusia 24 tahun ditahan reman bagi membantu siasatan berhubung insiden keganasan pada ceramah di Bukit Katil malam tadi.

Ketua Polis Daerah Melaka Tengah, Asisten Komisioner Salehhudin Abdul Rahman berkata lelaki itu ditahan sehingga 11 Mac ini dan disiasat di bawah Seksyen 506 Kanun Keseksaan.
Dalam kejadian semalam, dua anggota polis juga telah dirawat selaku pesakit luar di Hospital Melaka selepas tercedera akibat dilontar dengan objek keras, katanya.

Menurutnya, beliau berkata ceramah Umno dan PKR yang diadakan berhampiran malam tadi, tidak mematuhi Akta Perhimpunan Aman 2012.

Menurutnya, penganjur gagal memaklumkan kepada polis tentang rancangan untuk mengadakan ceramah itu sepuluh hari sebelum ia berlangsung.

"Kedua-dua pihak tidak ikut Akta Perhimpunan Aman 2012 apabila mereka gagal memaklumkan polis tentang rancangan mengadakan ceramah," katanya.

Tambahnya, provokasi juga berlaku di antara kedua-dua penyokong parti namun keadaan kembali tenteram apabila polis mengarahkan ceramah dihentikan.

Sehingga kini, katanya, polis telah menerima dua laporan berhubung insiden semalam.

Satu laporan dibuat oleh pemandu bas kempen 'Jelajah Merdeka' PKR yang dibaling batu dan satu lagi laporan dibuat oleh polis sendiri berhubung kecederaan yang dialami dua anggotanya, kata Salehhudin.

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