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04 di klebang - Google Blog Search

Sahabat-Gunung: BAHAYA !!!! Sungai <b>di Klebang</b> Besar, Melaka <b>...</b>

Posted: 14 Nov 2012 08:38 PM PST

Jabatan Pengairan dan Saliran (JPS) meminta penduduk di kawasan sekitar Lencongan Sungai Malim di Klebang Besar, Melaka Tengah berwaspada berikutan paras air di sungai itu kini melebihi paras bahaya iaitu 2.14 meter.
Menurut portal JPS, di Selangor setakat 9 pagi ini, paras air di Sungai Langat di JPS Sungai Manggis; Sungai Langat di Bukit Changgang, Kuala Langat dan Sungai Selangor di Kuala Badong, Kuala Selangor telah melebihi paras amaran iaitu masing-masing 6.02 meter, 4.08 meter dan 3.97 meter.
Keadaan yang sama juga dicatatkan di Sungai Rembau di Titian Bintangor, Rembau, Negeri Sembilan (6.22 meter) dan Empangan Labong, Mersing, Johor (7.60 meter).
Begitu juga di Sabah dengan paras air di Sungai Padas di Tenom (175.85 meter), Sungai Padas Beaufort (7.51 meter) manakala di Sarawak, bacaan paras air di Sarawak Maritime, Sibu ialah 2.56 meter.
Sementara itu, Majlis Keselamatan Negara (MKN) menyatakan bilangan mangsa banjir di Johor tidak berubah iaitu 143 orang manakala di Perak seramai 45.
Selangor pula mencatat 1,309 orang manakala Melaka menurun daripada 27 orang kepada 16 orang, dan Sarawak lima mangsa banjir.

Irrevocable Passion: Thirst Quencher : <b>Klebang</b> Coconut Shake

Posted: 18 Feb 2013 06:15 AM PST

First day of college after a 1 week CNY break, having the Monday blues as usual >.<
Have a cat picture to make your "crappy" day feel better :-P
What are you looking at? =_=
Klebang Original Coconut shake, located along the long stretch of Jalan Klebang Besar directly beside the Caltex petrol station and you can't miss it because there is always a massive queue at their roadside store.
And I wasn't kidding about the queue :-P One can wait up to an hour before it's their turn to order lol my recent longest wait was 45 minutes under the scorching hot sun.

They are THAT famous, till people come from near and far just to try this thirst quenching beverage and they are the first authentic Coconut shake you'll find in Melaka. Sure, there are many other roadside stands all over Melaka selling the same thing, but nothing beats the original :-P or maybe it's just a tourist attraction scheme (like the satay celup lol)

Yep, this is where I started waiting with my cousins lol long way to go~

What is Klebang Coconut Shake?
Ice blended coconut with Vanilla ice cream. Enough said.

3 simple ingredients but everyone would rather queue under the sun just to try this. The ingredients is pretty simple and easy to obtain from your nearest grocer but knowing typical Malaysians haha, why bother making when paying an extra RM1 to make your life easier?

Aside from take-away they also have a separate tent further inside for those who want to dine in instead, i heard the crowd there is less so service is faster.

*Right click and open in new tab for full picture*
Tried to capture the entire take-away queue using my panorama function on Shiro (Samsung WB150F) But the queue was too long to fit the entire frame >.< It's like an annual tradition for my cousins and I to have this shake whenever we are in Melaka, screw diet and hello yummy fattening sweet stuff ♥

The amount of coconuts they use and they have them restocked i think like every 2-3 hours or less O_O Business is sure good for the guy who got this idea that practically made him a millionaire by now lols. And don't get me started with the tubs of ice cream they use, in an hour i think there is like 30+ empty containers stacked at the side of the table @_@ 
At least they are fast in serving :-) Well coordinated, there is one chopping coconuts (must be the owner because he looks pretty old) I assume the 2 young boys in charge of blending and packing is their sons and the wife does the counting and payment collection. Well I could be wrong *shrug shoulders* lol 
This baby is so worth the wait 
Available in 2 choices :
Special (extra ice cream scoop) : RM2.50 

Shiawase max drinking this on a hot day!
Business hour : 12.30pm- 6.30pm daily (Friday: 2pm-6.30pm)
Tel: +6 013-399 4061

Location map of Famous Coconut Shake at Klebang, Malacca.

Came back to KL with these babies ♥ woots~ #diefatme. I've gained about 3 kg + from CNY week itself  >.<
So if you are down in Melaka, make sure to drop by for a Klebang Coconut Shake :-D

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